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The Everything Outdoor Wedding BookThe Everything 
Outdoor Wedding Book 
Choose the Perfect Location, 
Expect the Unexpected, And Have a 
Beautiful Wedding Your Guests Will Remember


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An outdoor wedding in an unforgettable setting is the dream of many couples, but often, the logistics of planning such an event and the potential pitfalls, such as inclement weather, are powerful deterrents.


The Everything Outdoor Wedding Book, published by Adams Media in December 2005,  helps engaged couples consider and prepare for an outdoor wedding ceremony and/or reception and provides practical advice for selecting a location, contending with potential pitfalls, planning the event, contingency planning, and making the most of an outdoor wedding celebration. 


Author Kim Knox Beckius helps couples evaluate the risks and rewards of various types of outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions and provides practical tips and strategies for ensuring a beautiful outdoor wedding event. 

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