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Is An Outdoor Wedding For You?

by Kim Knox Beckius


If you're contemplating an outdoor wedding, here are some things to consider.

DO plan an outdoor wedding if...

- You have a special attachment to a particular outdoor place.

- You enjoy spontaneity and drama.

- You're organized and able to plan for a variety of scenarios.

- You want to set your celebration apart from other weddings, perhaps even your own previous weddings if one or both of you have been married previously.

- You want to blend religious traditions in a flexible, non-denominational setting.

- You want to increase the amount of time available to share with loved ones by holding both your ceremony and reception at a single location.

- Your wedding ceremony will be part of a multi-day wedding event.

- You'd like to include dogs or other pets in your wedding service.

- You want to create a wedding celebration that is unique, personal, distinctive and memorable.

DON'T choose an outdoor wedding if...

- You hate surprises.

- You will be horribly disappointed if the weather is uncooperative and everything does not go according to your plan.

- You need or want to marry in a month when weather conditions are likely to be less than optimal at the location where you will wed.

- You're seeking to simply be different or to upstage your friends.

- You aren't adept at handling stress and making decisions.

- The outdoor environment you prefer will not be comfortable for your invited guests.



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